Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update: I crashed My Bike

About a week and a half ago, Sunday, spent the night in the Ojai Hospital to see if I bruised my heart. Broke ribs 4 & 5 right over the heart and it hurt bad for a few days. Strange pain patterns in time, one day OK the next in misery. Now I can still feel the pain in the ribs and I've slowed down on the vicodin. I'm going to try working this coming Monday.
The bike is OK, there is a dent in the left tank and the clutch cable was kinked, sheared the mini toggle for the hi beam, mashed and scraped the derby on the primary cover and bent the shifter scraped the floorboard below that.
The crash itself was just below the tunnel in the Matilija Gorge, a decreasing radius turn. I layed it down and didn't highside, I must have jammed the handle bar into my ribs(?). the Bike was on top of me in the dirt off the road. I was going up the canyon. I was a squid, to fast for my skill set, stupid judgement. All the bikers that stopped were great and helpful. They did not let me get up, it was hard to breathe.

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