Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Ad for Services on My Tribe Blog

I've been on the Alt Housing and const tribes and they are talking about all the alternative "green" building techniques that I'm familiar with. I've been in construction since 1970, mostly production housing but recently up in Santa Barbara doing remodels on high end commercial and residential stuff.

I had the whole earth catalogue and a sup scrip to the periodical that spun off of it. I went to Sim Van Der Rin (?) seminars in Occidental, CA back in the late 70's I own the whole collection of Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language Building and Planning (of which Prince Charles commissioned a boat house for the HMS Rose).

So I know all that new age hippie building shit. I've done adobe brick making and old fashioned post and beam with mortise and tenon. I've done concrete slabs and footings the steel in them.

I'm a master finish and framing carpenter. I can do material take offs, labor take offs, budgeting, plan approval, IOW shuffling them through the local planning- plan approval and building and safety requirements. I can deal with sub contractors. I've done stuctural steel co-ordination and elevation-plan check. Helped correct steel detail sheets before fabrication.

So, If you are building your Green energy efficient dream house I can facilitate that and even provide some sweat.

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