Sunday, August 21, 2011


I had a vivid dream this morning.
It was set in the Hughes Market shopping center on Balboa and Devonshire in what's called North Hills, not sure what it was called back then. It's between Northridge and Granada Hills and whatever they called East of Balboa and South of Devonshire.
Three of us were walking up the back parking lot parallel to Balboa. We were going to a church service- revival that a friend of ours was throwing. The friend was a combination of Lonnie Spector and Fred Khoury.
My companions were Dennis Wilkinson and a kind of Gary Mathern, I think. As we were walking to this event there was a line of half dressed young women and girls going into the Savon drugstore. I was told that they were auditioning for a Playboy photo shoot. They were in different states of undress and were wearing skirts or pants and no top. They got younger towards the back of the line. There seemed to be a lot of turquoise and light yellow on their clothing.
We were headed to a hall or auditorium near the men's store on the East leg of the shopping center. We entered through the back through a door next to the stage. We went right over to greet Fred- Lonnie who was sitting- standing along the East wall. His hair was short and had bangs in front and he was wearing a jump suit. I said; "Do you remember me? I'm Ron Wilkinson." He gave me a hug for a greeting.
The service- or entertainment on a stage that was too high to see. I went to the back of the hall to see the action on stage. It was a bunch of women dancing in colorful costumes that looked like what a Hindu Deity would wear.
The auditorium had sloped seating going down towards the stage. There were chairs along the walls interrupted by wood boxes. The seating was in two sections, an upper and lower section with an aisle between.
As I moved across the hall there was a small platform sitting on the center aisle right on an angle- 20 or 30 degrees facing the back. There was some miniature furniture on it and a little podium. From the back of the platform a homunculus male kid walked to the podium, he could see over the top. He gave his sermon anyhow.
Then I was attracted to a girl singing on a pedestal to my left in the same aisle. She was very attractive and singing country gospel. So I went to check her out and caught her eye. I was trying to cover and ignore her as she checked me out. She started to morph into a chunky looking round faced hillbilly girl with curly red hair that was shaved up her neck and an inch above her ears.
Then the "Hindu" costumed dancers were coming down from the stage and into the audience and people were filing out the door we came in. I had lost track of Dennis and Gary and I panicked because I thought they would leave me.
I had not told Rene (my wife) that I was going to this thing and it was 10 pm at night. She was going to be pissed.