Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banks, can't live with them, can't live without them. Bring back Glass Steagal!

Fred Neil

Fred Neil, Peter Case posted about him and put a link to a song. I was not a fan of his, really didn't even come onto my radar till Tim Buckley recorded Dolphin.
Good to hear him now.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Here's my 72' Shovelhead. This was taken last year, it has the Chopper Dave
air cleaner on it which is gone for the standard S&S air cleaner.
I was having starter problems which turned out not to be the starter. it was a jumper wire on the circuit breaker block. Now I'm leaking gear grease, I think it's coming out of the main shaft seal behind the clutch basket. Kurt doesn't think so or wants definite proof. I'll keep topping it off in the meantime.
Have not been riding it with other custom bike folk because of my poorness and assholeness and I have not made great effort too anyhow. I'm riding tomorrow, by myself, which is fine.


I got a job after two years +or-. It's a cash job chasing termite a rot damage on houses along with some retro fitting (upgrade remodel) and maintenance.
So during this horror I sold my knucklehead project, my dodge Dakota pickup was repossessed, I was in a big depressed funk. Life was shitty and frustrating. I went to dozens of interviews and I did not get hired. The job search sites were not worth a shit, Craigslist worked. I sold stuff and got some interviews and finally this job.
Hopefully I can post some interesting stuff on this blog. I'm not going to have a theme, just what comes up. Obviously it's about me and my interests and whatever I might pitch. On facebook I friended some old Tribe friends and comic artists from the old hippy underground comic movement and some more current artists in that vein. I've posted and 'shared' a lot of political and financial posts from Huffpost, NYT, Naked Capitalism and Baseline Scenario.
I'm a 60 year old jerk and asshole, I've been told, I figure I must be.
I hope it's not all narcissistic bullshit, we'll see!