Saturday, May 15, 2010


I got a job after two years +or-. It's a cash job chasing termite a rot damage on houses along with some retro fitting (upgrade remodel) and maintenance.
So during this horror I sold my knucklehead project, my dodge Dakota pickup was repossessed, I was in a big depressed funk. Life was shitty and frustrating. I went to dozens of interviews and I did not get hired. The job search sites were not worth a shit, Craigslist worked. I sold stuff and got some interviews and finally this job.
Hopefully I can post some interesting stuff on this blog. I'm not going to have a theme, just what comes up. Obviously it's about me and my interests and whatever I might pitch. On facebook I friended some old Tribe friends and comic artists from the old hippy underground comic movement and some more current artists in that vein. I've posted and 'shared' a lot of political and financial posts from Huffpost, NYT, Naked Capitalism and Baseline Scenario.
I'm a 60 year old jerk and asshole, I've been told, I figure I must be.
I hope it's not all narcissistic bullshit, we'll see!

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