Saturday, July 3, 2010

I BBQ'd today so I won't tomorrow.

I've never been a flag waver. I do consider myself lucky to have landed in this particular place at this particular time but I will not say this is the epitome of civilisation or countries. We certainly have more of a lot of stuff and technology. Maybe we have more "freedom." In the long run at what cost to others now and in the future??

I remember having this conversation with my father and part of it was; more is better. There's more people living now due to big food sources- the green revolution, better medicine, transportation, bigger stuff and places. It seems that has it's drawbacks these days. Some think we should just keep charging ahead, ignore the consequences or mitigate them the "best you can."

I do believe science is part of the answer and the scientific principle is one of the main principles we need to go by. Life or the care of life and the human civilisation is not all science but it's a big piece of the solution. The idea that we are part of the bigger system in this world is an important fact and is a key to our survival (my Buddism). In a way I could give a rat's ass, if humanity keeps peeing in the stream it gets what it deserves (uh oh!! where's the compassion?). I hate ignorance though and there seems to be a lot of energy pushing ignorance. So I do push back and of course it's in my own LITTLE way.

What do I do about that or this?? My best, which is taking care of what I can and that's mostly me and my wife (and dog).

Happy Fourth!!

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