Sunday, December 12, 2010


Went to the Chopperfest today. I wish I brought my camera!
We lined up our bikes at Kurt's booth and there was an old knucklehead chop in front of my bike. It had a lavender paint job with shadow flames on the tank, the frame was the same color. It had a foot shift-hand clutch. Usually a bike like this would have a mouse trap but this bike had a cable that went to the seat post down tube and through to a cam and gear clutch arm. It was pretty trick and I've never seen one.
The owner showed up and we said we liked his bike and I mentioned the clutch actuator and he said he made it from parts out of a ford transmission and I took a lot of weed and time to figure it out.
He is from the SFV where I'm from, I can't remember from what part but he knew about some people I mentioned. I told him the Satan Slaves stole a friend of mine's bike and he said he used to be a Satan Slave but he didn't steal motorcycles.
He built the bike back in 1965 and he rode it to the show at about 6am Sunday morning from the SFV. Which is not too long a ride but it's pretty cool that he rode to the show

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