Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Political Party

Who The Hell is Running This Country??? Us or These Guys??

My more or less lamebrain idea of what we need for a new political party.
First, why; Because both parties are owned by corporations and the uber rich and are not really interested in we the people we really need a fresh new perspective. We need to get power back to the voters. Voters are mad and at the same time complacent and working against their own interests.
The new party in my view needs to be a progressive libertarian party. Libertarian in a social sense and progressive in a government sense.
The social libertarianism is laws against personal liberty must be eliminated. Drug laws in particular are expensive and an invasion of privacy. If you want to be a doper or a whore that's your prerogative. Police should concentrate on crimes against persons or property. This could include driving under the influence of drugs or unsafe use of machinery for example. Fraud and certain kinds of misrepresentation of product or services would be illegal. Monopolies and market fraud or manipulation would be illegal. Other destructive behaviors that threaten others of course would be outside the law.
Government as a social organizer and infrustructure builder and maintainer is desirable, some kinds of socialism would be used or instituted under law and could enhance free market activities. Government would encourage markets and innovation. Government would be efficient and would be reviewed and contained as needed. There would be a principal of only as much government as needed.
One social effort would be health care as a right of all citizens. Organisation of mass transport balancing private and public transportation.
Regulation in environmental protection, parks, city and infrustructure planning, building safety and planning. Local community vision of the built environment co ordinating with private property and property rights in Real Estate. Cultural development and schooling- education using the same local, state and federal mandates and resources.
These are the platforms and goals of the party I see and like any party there will be other visions and opinions within the party itself.
What the hell, that's my view or suggestion. I do know the two party system is corrupt and needs some shaking up and a third party might be a help.
I'm sick of all the half measures and lack of commitment that is co opted by the present powers. Selfishness and short sighted solutions will not work.
Power to the people!!

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